UZI Handheld Metal Detector Pro

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Handheld Metal Detector Pro

 Uzi Handheld Portable Metal Detector Wand for Adults, High Sensitivity, Security Scanner, with Adjustable Sensitivity, One Switch Operation, Sharp Audible Alarm and Silent Vibrate Mode, 9V Battery, Detects Hidden Weapons and other metal objects.

  • NEW IMPROVED DESIGN: This handheld metal detector wand pinpointer helps you easily find coins, rings, jewelry and other metal objects; for use indoors, outdoors, parks, at events, schools, cafeterias, sport events or anywhere you need dependable metal detection.
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY: Offers reliable security, can detect even small hidden metal objects, concealed weapons, knives and other metal object on individuals hidden in clothing or baggage.
  • FEATURES: The UZI-HHSC-1 hand held Metal Detector features one switch operation and is made of high impact ABS plastic with reinforced coil compartment.

Handheld Metal Detector Pro(UZI-HHSC-2)

    • Power: 9V Standard or Rechargeable Battery
    • Operating Frequency: 50KHz
    • Operating Current: 0.07A
    • Operating Temperature -5° F to +55 ° F
    • Gross Weight for Unit: 167G
    • Sensitivity, Pin: 50-70mm
    • Unit Dims: 30cm(L) x 7cm (W) x 2.6cm (H)
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