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Victory Knives flex curved filleting knife 15cm

Victory Knives flex curved filleting knife 15cm
Victory stainless steel blades have a sub zero (-80 degrees) quench after hardening to provide a strong durable blade that is highly resistant to corroding while also improving its edge retention.

The handle features a robust and practical design to ensure a solid grip during use.

The flexible narrow curved boning knife is designed to be used for boning and trimming across all proteins. Also used for filleting.


Blade length: 15cm
Blade material: Krup stainless steel
Hardness: 54-55 HRC
Handle: White plastic handle with ridged grip

*Fits S1 Leather Sheath

Premium quality stainless steel Flexible Narrow Curved Boning Knife. Proudly made in New Zealand from the highest quality German steel - buy direct from the manufacturer. All knives come with a lifetime guarantee (excludes misuse and normal wear).

Victory Knives have a proud heritage stretching from 1927 until today. Edward Goddard a master cutler from Sheffield, England migrated to New Zealand and began designing and manufacturing knives in 1927. World War II was a significant period in the history of E, Goddard which became a major supplier of combat knives for the U.S. Army and for the last few years has also been manufacturing knives for the Australian Defence Force.

E.Goddard made and sold knives under the brand Victory and over the many years Victory Knives has grown to be synonymous with high quality and robustness by industry professionals who are very demanding of their tools. All major meat and fish processing companies in New Zealand and Australia use Victory Knives and commercial divers, all over the world, request the Victory Diver Knife. Victory continues to thrive by maintaining the highest standards in manufacture and materials, building on its reputation for unsurpassed quality.

The stainless steel blade is made from German Krup steel, hardened to a hardness of 54-55 HRC. The Victory stainless steel blade has a sub-zero (-80¡C) quench after hardening. The benifit is a strong, hard and wear resistant blade with increased corrosion-resistance and improved edge retention. The handle is robust and practical and designed to give sure grip. The blade and handle are MDA and FDA approved.

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