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Miyako Shikisai Sujihiki- meat slicing 240mm

Miyako Shikisai Sujihiki- meat slicing 240mm
The MIY Sujihiki knife was created using a combination of AUS8 and low carbon martensite steel as part of the 33 layer Damascus forging process to produce a blade that will retain an extraordinary level of sharpness, strength and beauty.

The mirror polished matte finish applied to the blade brings out the true beauty of the ripple like patterns created bu the Damascus forging process.

The Sujihiki is a 240mm long carving knife designed to be used to cut large slices of meat. The Sujihiki like most traditional Japanese knives consists of a single beveled edge.

The rounded handle of the laminated wood has been shaped to a fit most users hands for a comfortably snug grip when using the knife.

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