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Miyako Shikisai GEN Chef 180mm

Miyako Shikisai GEN Chef 180mm
The Shikisai Gen Chef 180 was crafted using VG10/core steel as part of the 33 layer Damascus forging process to produce a blade that will retain an extraordinary level of sharpness, strength and beauty.

The rippled dark spine of the blade contrasts nicely with the sharpened metallic edge to create a striking appearance.

This Chef knife is 180mm long consisting of a single beveled edge blade capable of chopping, slicing and dicing all manners of vegetables, fruits and meat. As a chef knife the Gen Chef 180 is best described as a large utility knife able to do all but the most delicate of jobs in the kitchen.

The dark brown of the laminated wood has been shaped to a fit most users hands for a comfortably snug grip when using this knife.

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