Marttiini Skinner Martef with hook, 11cm

Marttiini Skinner Martef with hook, 11cm
The Marttiini Skinner Martef with hook is made from 420 high carbon steel with a 13% chromium to provide a strong, durable blade that is resistant to rusting.

The black blade of the skinner knife is 11cm long and is ideal for opening up both fish and game alike thanks to its martef coating that reduces the blades friction resistance down to almost zero for smooth cuts. The blad is engraved with a tribute to Mattiinis founder Janne Marttiini.

The hook on the back of the blade is excellent for opening large game like deer without touching the internal organs while the curved blade with the martef coating can be used for skinning hide cleanly without damaging the hide.

The handle is made out of an orange rubber includes a finger guard to provide a confortable grip and safety during use by preventing your hand from slipping down the blade.

Finally the Marttiini Skinner Martef knife comes with a black leather sheath with a belt loop and a snap closure for a snug fit.


Blade length: 11cm
Blade material: 420 high carbon steel coated in martef
Handle material: Orange rubber
Sheath material: Black leather

It all began in 1928 in the land of dark winters and the midnight sun when Janne Marttiini, a blacksmith, decided to establish a knife factory in Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland. With the user in mind, he began to create beautiful, high quality utility articles to be used in the harshest conditions imaginable. Two of Jannes sons carried the business through to its sale to Rapala in 2005.

The blades of Marttiini outdoor knives are made from 420 steel with 13% chromium and have a HRC of 53-34. Today, Marttiini knives are still manufactured at the Arctic Circle.

They are a combination of generations of craftsmanship and modern technology that create knives that are not only sharp but also represent the beauty and toughness of the North.

Marttiini gives its products a 3-year warranty that covers material and production defects. Damage due to misuse is not covered by warranty. the warranty of Martinef coating is 12 months.

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