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MAM 215mm Professionals cooks knife

MAM 215mm Professionals cooks knife
Developed with 150 years of experience in the manufacture of knives. The MAM cooks knife is a sturdy 215mm long kitchen knife attached to a black handle with a full tang design that ideal for preparing fish thanks to the slight angle of the knife and the thinned end of the blade that can reach places other knives could not without damaging the food.

Before leaving the factory the blade is hand sharpened to guarantee the quality of the blade while the handle has been shaped to fit comfortably inside the users hand.

Due to changes at MAM the gold MAM brand stamp is no longer included on the knife handle.

The kitchen knife features:

Made in Portugal.
215mm Stainless steel blade.
Full tang black handle.

MAM FABRICA DE CUTELARIAS FILMAM Lda is a cutlery company from Portugal, working since 1870 with an international scope and one of the oldest knife and cutlery manufacturers in the world. MAM FILMAM Lda guarantees a top quality product backed by a 10 years warranty. All materials used in the creation of our products are of the highest quality certificed and specially tested. We use high quality German stainess steel that has been made specially for us using molybdenum, vanadium, siliceous and carbon. Only with all these ingredients together and our special tempering process can we produce extremely strong and flexible knives blades with a 57 degree ROC.
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