Kanetsune Hayashi Blade

Kanetsune Hayashi Blade
Naked handle craftsmanship knife series

The Hayashi blade consists of a single piece of high grade carbon steel that has been shaped and sharpened into a 65mm long blade.

The Hayashi comes with an engraved leather sheath for safe storage when not in use.


Blade length: 65mm
Blade material: White Steel #2
HRC: 60 - 61
Overall length: 170mm
Handle material: White Steel #2
Sheath material: Leather

All Kanetsune models are hand crafted in Seki city Japan by master craftsman.

Kantsune was a famouse Japanese swordsmith and it is said the first Kanetsune knife dates back to 1395. However, the kanetsune factory was established in 1948 in Seki City, the City of Blades. These are amazing knives forged throughout a history of 800 years, which are strong, beautiful, and exceedingly sharp. Kanetsune pursues the customers needs for quality products, combined with beauty and tradition.

Most Kanetsune outdoor knives are made from premium high grade carbon steel produced in Japan. Proper care and regular maintenance will keep the blade rust-free. Keep blade clean and dry after each use. A wipe with a clean cloth with a little camellial oil will protect the blade from corrosion.
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