TORINO SODA SPOON-18/10 - (contains : 12 in the box )

TORINO SODA SPOON-18/10 - (contains : 12 in the box )
SODA SPOON-18/10 Stainess Steel TORINO - (contains : 12 in the box ).

This versatile, timeless pattern is a classic, with a comfortable feel in mirror finish.

Features of the Totino range include :

This quality flatware is slimline yet substanial with satin finish.

18/10 Stainless Steel
Mirror Polished Handles
Mirror Polished Bowls, Tines and Blades

This item is from a company that specializes in commercially used items and as a result less concideration is given to packaging but it is built for everyday, long term use.
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