Stirex Utility Knife Light Kitchen And Meals-Fork End

Stirex Utility Knife Light Kitchen And Meals-Fork End | King of Knives
The Stirex range is designed for those who have difficulty using cutting tools due to challenges with regular movement.

Stirex Utility Knife Light Kitchen and, Meals-Fork end Stainless Steal ,machine washable, ergonomic handles

Features :

Ergonomic knife suitable for cutting vegetables or cheese
The fork shaped front makes it easy to pick up little pieces of cheese or vegetable
The grip is placed in a suitable angle to give the arm, wrist and hand a natural relaxed working position
The cutting power from the arm is transferred to the center of the blade with minimal effort
Designed to avoid working with a bent wrist and subsequent excessive strain, pain and occupational injuries


Blade Length: 114mm
Overall Length: 183mm
Product Weight: 80g
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Shipping Details
Code :  stirex14 MFR  FK-114
Usually ships in:  Approx 10 working days.