Stirex Utility Knife Light Kitchen And Meals

Stirex Utility Knife Light Kitchen And Meals | King of Knives
The Stirex range is designed for those who have difficulty using cutting tools due to challenges with regular movement.

Stirex Utility Knife Light kitchen and, Meals Stainless Steal ,machine washable, ergonomic handles

Features :

Ergonomic knife suitable for cutting vegetables or cheese
The rounded front makes it nice to use at the table
The grip is placed in a suitable angle to give the arm, wrist and hand a natural relaxed working position
The cutting power from the arm is transferred to the center of the blade with minimal effort
Designed to avoid working with a bent wrist and subsequent excessive strain, pain and occupational injuries


Blade Length: 112mm
Handle Circumference: 100mm
Handle Length: 124mm
Overall Length: 176mm
Product Weight: 80g
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Shipping Details
Code :  stirex13 MFR  CK-112
Usually ships in:  Approx 10 working days.