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Robert David, 12cm Pocket Knife, White With Inlaid Fishing Fly

Pocket Knife - Robert David 12cm Pocket Knife With Inlaid Fishing Fly | King of Knives

Robert David Folding Knife

A 12cm long stainless steel folding knife with acrylic bolsters attached to the handle.

The handle features a decorative fishing fly on the acrylic bolsters that compliments the sleek design.

This folding knife is suitable for your general purpose cutting needs.

The original David Courtellerie was established in Thiers (Auvergne) in 1919. This became Robert David in 1971 when Robert, great grandson of the original owners, took over the reigns. Roberts credo was to follow the markets innovation and adapt the product to it. Robert David is now run by Roberts daughter Caroline and her husband, Stephane.

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