Laguiole En Aubrac

Laguiole En Aubrac Folding Knife with Corkscrew (12cm) - Amourette (Snakewood)

 Laguiole En Aubrac Folding Pocket Knife (12cm) with Corkscrew - Amourette (Snakewood)  This traditional French pocket knife features a  stainless steel blade and a luxurious snakeskin handle. Built for life, it's perfect for picnics, camping, or any outdoor adventure.

Carried by shepherds and cattlemen throughout the Aubrac region in France, these knives hold 160 years of Laguiole history. A pocket knife that is built for life, expertly crafted out of the finest steel and rarest handle materials. The handle pins are arranged as a cross, as a reference for the knifes pastoral lineages, for traveling pilgrims to always have a cross to pray to. With the blade and handle that is perfectly balanced, these knives will be a staple for picnics, camping or any outdoor adventure.

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