The KE280 is the older brother to the KE3000 and it suited for commercial establishments and knife sharpening businesses.
The Nirey KE280 has a powerful A/C motor and robust transmission from the motor via an axle and crown wheel.

The KE-280 Commercial Knife Sharpener is designed for continuous commercial use required by butchers, restaurants, food processors or catering companies.

How the sharpener works:

The Nirey KE-280 Sharpener features a patented, angle controlled cushion contact system, which produces razor sharp knives and polished edges in seconds.

There are 2 closed-cell rubber covered wheels, each carrying endless Aluminium Oxide abrasive belts. The left wheel sharpens the left side of the blade and the right wheel, the right side. The cushion contact system produces a razor sharp smooth cutting edge which does not require a honing steel. During sharpening, the knife is supported at the correct angle by the central guide. Cleaning and replacement of the abrasives is simple, taking less than 1 minute. Other than this, no maintenance is required.

Specs :

Wheel speed: 2500RPM
Torque: 3000 gcm
Weight: 2.25kg (unpacked)
320 x 120 x 110 mm (length x width x height)
Average sharpening angle: 15 degrees
Fuse protected
$479.00 $519.95
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