Monbento MB Temple M 28ml - Cotton

Monbento Temple 28ml Airtight Freezer Safe Kids Lunch Box | Home & Living | King Of Knives

Plastic air-tight sauce container, 28ml

The MB Temple is the perfect companion for the lunchbox, with its air-tight lid and compact size, it can carry any condiments with ease and security, and can fit easily inside any lunchbox. *Dishwasher-safe *Freezer-safe *Airtight *BPA-free* *BPS-free *Food grade *Suitable for MB Original and MB Square bento box Product dimensions: 5cm x 3.5 cm Capacity: 28 ml *Components *1 container (PP) *1 lid (PP) *1 seal (silicone)

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Code :  UTL811 MFR :  MO-100502011
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