No 10 LOYAL Premium Bag 75cm

No 10 LOYAL Premium Bag 75cm
LOYAL PREMIUM cotton pastry and decorating bags are favoured by professional chefs and home users. These are our most durable and hardwearing bags. The bags are very versatile and can be used for piping both hot and cold products from mashed potato to cream and icing. They are particularly good for piping products with a thick consistency.

* The Premium bags have extra double coatings on the inside to extend the life of the bag.

* Reusable bags offer great value for money

* Impermeable and water resistant

* Cleans easily and is dishwasher proof

* Polyurethane coating to ensure the bags remain flexible and tough with repeated use

* Electronically welded seams

* Cotton canvas will not slip in hands and is easy to use

* Reinforced tip, hemmed, hanging loop

* Temperature resistance up to 100 degrees C

* Food grade

* Made in Germany
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