Laguiole En Aubrac

Laguiole En Aubrac 28pc Flatware Set - Woods of France Olive Wood

Made to order by hand by a single cutler with 109 production steps for each piece of cutlery and a stamped signature on each forged spring-plate. Masterfully crafted ensuring superior durability and timeless quality. An heirloom to be passed down, ensuring dining occasions are a joy to remember.


¥ 6 _ Steak Knives
¥ 6 _ Forks
¥ 6 _ Soup Spoons
¥ 6 _ Coffee Spoons
¥ 2 pc. Cheese and Fork Set
¥ 2 pc. Forged Carving Set
¥ Includes a decorative wooden storage box
Olive trees are one of the oldest lineages in existence with trees growing up to a thousand years old. Incredibly durable and dense, this wood is known for its distinctive unique grain that lends extraordinary depth and richness. Carved from heartwood, obtained near to the pith of a stem or branch, it can be cream or honey coloured with darker brown or black contrasting streaks. Because of the natural beauty and uniqueness of the grain, no two handles are the same. A mediterranean classic for those who love this characterful wood.
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