Laguiole En Aubrac

Laguiole En Aubrac Boning Knife - Juniper Wood 15cm

Laguiole En Aubrac Boning Knife - Juniper Wood 15cm
Individually handcrafted and guaranteed for life, the prestigious French Laguiole en Aubrac range is synonymous with superb quality and intricate detailing.

Each knife is assembled by a single craftsman in Laguiole, France. This guarantees that each knife has its own unique quality, for everyday use, generation after generation.

The Blade Ð Forged out of 440 steel, the blade is incredibly strong, sharp, and will never rust.
The Handle Ð Handcrafted in exotic wood, horn or bone. Each stainless steel spine displays unique symbols that are distinctive to the particular craftsman who made it - En Aubracs trademark for authenticity.

To make En Aubrac kitchen knife it will taken anywhere from 109 to 216 production steps.

Made in France (Not all brand of Laguiole are made in France but En Aubrac are)

In this model the handles are made of Juniper wood. Juniper wood has been used to make everyday objects and artisanal pieces for centuries, from knife handles and walking sticks to tobacco pipes, fine cigar boxes and precious inlays. With its yellow-brown colouring and delicate but high contrasting pattern, the peppery juniper wood is well suited for knife handles for its strength and robustness, holding up to intensive wear and tear
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