Kyocera Santoku Knife 14cm Blade - Yellow

Kyocera Santoku Knife 14cm Blade - Yellow
A great advanced ceramic kitchen set, this 2-piece set features a 14cm Santoku Knife and the Rod Handle Peeler. The Santoku Knife is an essential all-purpose kitchen knife for dicing and mincing and all-round kitchen prep. The Rod Handle Peeler is ideal for any peeling task in the kitchen. The knife is an all-purpose knife with a deeper blade for slicing, dicing and mincing. Perfect for the home cook, this knife will be used daily, quickly becoming a favorite in the kitchen. Ideal for fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.

¥ Dishwasher safe on the top shelf as the ceramic blades will never rust.

Packaged in an acetate box, a great tool for any chef.

- Unrelenting Sharpness: razor-sharp blade stays sharper longer. Kyocera advanced ceramic blades offer superior edge retention, holding their edge at least 10 times longer than other professional cutlery, including high carbon steel.
- Unparalleled Purity: Will never brown foods. No metallic ions to transfer would not alter the taste, smell or appearance of food.

- Ultra Lightweight: Perfectly balanced and light, reduces fatigue during repetitive cutting tasks.
- Zirconia Z206: Kyoceras proprietary advanced ceramic. This translates to a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic knives.


- To remove stubborn discolorations, wash the blade (avoiding the handle) in a mild solution of baking soda and water.
- Do not leave knife in sink. Always store knife in a block or tray to prevent accidents
- Lifetime Warranty: KYOCERA advanced ceramic cutlery and kitchen tool products are fully warranted to be free of defects in material and/or craftsmanship. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or accidental damage to the knife or kitchen tool product.
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