Kyocera Paring Knife 7.6cm Blade - Black

Kyocera Paring Knife 7.6cm Blade - Black
A versatile must-have tool in the kitchen, the Revolution 3 paring knife features a non-beveled, ultra-sharp zirconia narrow blade with a pointed tip. The ergonomic handle provides knuckle clearance and precise control for small cutting tasks including trimming and peeling.

Ceramic blades are made from Kyoceras proprietary zirconia material produced in Japan for exceptional quality and beauty

* Lightweight and easy to clean, the blades will not brown food, are rust-proof and resistant to acids Ultra-sharp, pure advanced ceramic blades will maintain their edges up to 10x longer than steel blades
* Ideal for slicing small fruits and vegetables,
* IMPORTANT DO NOT use on hard or frozen foods
* Dishwasher safe

This series features a black ceramic blade, made from black zirconium oxide. Created from an innovative hot-isostatic firing process, this ceramic offers even greater durability and remain sharper than other Kyocera blades.
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