Kostur Classic Chefs - 21cm

Kostur Classic Chefs 21 cm Kitchen Knife | King Of Knives Australia
KOSTUR CLASSIC blades are made with Molybdenum Stainless Steel with a hardness of 55 (± 1) HRC. The Stainless Steel blades are razor sharp. The unique skill of heat treatment and grinding, edging gives the knife the best possible function. The blades have a double-sided edge.

The Handles:

The stylish handle made of hip-up durable polypropylene resin can be lessen the strength while cooking. The resin is particularly robust and resistant to moisture. The form is quite a Japanese traditional motif and function.


We strongly recommend hand-washing and hand drying of the knife directly after use.

For protecting the life of the blade, never cut deep-frozen foodstuffs or thick fish bones except when using the Deba (Fish Bone Knife), and never use it over direct flames. This will keep the blade sharp much longer. You will need the regular sharpening for the maintenance. When you sharpen the blade, we recommend using the Whetstone for the regular maintenance.
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