Haiku 6 inch Small Yabocho Knife

Haiku 6 inch Small Yabocho Knife
HAIKU knives are extremely sharp and should be kept away from children.

Never wash HAIKU knives in the dishwasher, the aggressive detergents and heat damage the steel and the honoki wood.

Please wash the knife in warm water and dry it by hand after every use. Such care insures life-long reliability of HAIKU. Please do not cut bone or another hard materials with our HAIKU knives. A cleaver should be used for such tasks. HAIKU knives stay sharp a long time, but depending on how often you use the knives, they will need to be sharpened at home. Japanese

HAIKU knives are designed for quick and easy sharpening. Use the HAIKU whetstone for best results; if necessary another ceramic whetstone may be used. In a desperate situation, draw the knifes edge over the bottom of an unglazed porcelain bowl to sharpen.

Please Note: never use a sharpening-steel, as it will damage the fine HAIKU edge.
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