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F.DICK Kitchen Cleaver Stainless 25 cm (1.9 kg)

F.DICK Kitchen Cleaver Stainless 25 cm (1.9 kg) | Kitchen Knives

F.Dick Kitchen Cleaver, Stainless 25cm (1.9kg)

Introducing our premium bone-cutting knife, designed for both precision and durability in your kitchen. Crafted with high-quality special chromium-molybdenum steel, the blade ensures exceptional strength and longevity. Its ultra-beveled cutting edge slices through larger bones effortlessly, while maintaining precision to cleanly cut through smaller bones with ease. Whether you're disjointing larger bones or delicately cutting through smaller ones, this knife offers excellent quality and functionality, making it an indispensable tool for any culinary task. Elevate your cooking experience with this reliable and versatile bone-cutting knife.

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