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Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen Tea Cafetiere

Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen Tea Cafetiere | King of Knives Australia
The Nordic kitchen tea cafetiere filters the tea leaves and separates them from the water, preventing the tea from brewing further. This makes it easy to control the strength of your tea. At the same time, it keeps the tea hot for much longer thanks to its double-walled design. The tea cafetiere is suitable for loose leaf tea and uses the same brewing method as a coffee cafetiere, allowing you to decide exactly how long you want your tea to brew for. Simply press the plunger down when the brewing time is up.

The minimalist design, which is tastefully finished with a natural oak handle, can be mixed and matched with your favourite tableware, and will soon become a regular feature on any well-laid table. The tea cafetiere thus joins other classics from the Nordic kitchen series, which has been specifically created for the Nordic home.


* Easy to control the strength of the tea
* The insulating effect keeps the tea hot for a long time
* Perfect for the well-laid table

Materials: Stainless steel, Oiled oak wood, Silicone

Size: Volume: 1.0 L, Height: 16 cm, Diameter: 13 cm
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