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Double Sided Ivy Rolls 3m x 1m

Double Sided Ivy Rolls 3m x 1m
  • Easy to assemble and make any size you require (comes in 3m x 1m rolls), however, easily joined with others.
  • Provides approximately 60% coverage
  • Economical wall or fence covering option
  • Leaves are a dark, yet bright green leaf

This fake ivy fence is great for patios, balcony, cyclone fences, privacy screening and decorating.

It can be easily installed within minutes using cable ties or staples onto a fence or wall and is easily maintained – simply hosing or brushing it, should it get dirty.

The fake ivy roll will arrive to you rolled up and you simply need to unroll it and you can cable tie to another roll should you wish to extend it to have greater coverage.

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1 x Double Sided Ivy Rolls 3m x 1m

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