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Natural Bamboo Slicker Brush: Cats & Dogs


Regularly brushing your dog's coat is an essential part of grooming and coat care. This natural bamboo slicker brush is an excellent choice for breeds, such as cavoodles and spoodles prone to matting and knots. The sharp stainless steel bristles are angled so they won't dig into the skin and effectively cut through tangles and knots and assist with preventing matting. This stylish slicker brush is easy to use, has a comfortable, cushioned handle, and made from naturally grown wild bamboo.The bamboo treatment upon harvest uses high-pressure water and heat instead of pesticides. Suitable for all ages, non-shedding coats, matting and medium to long haired coats.

Recommended for medium to long-haired and high shedding dogs and cats
Size: Medium to Large
Designed in Australia
Vegan Friendly

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