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Natural Bamboo Deshedding Tool: Cats & Dogs


Regularly brushing your dog's coat is an essential part of grooming and stimulates the coat's protective oils. This natural de-shedding tool is an excellent choice for reducing pet hair in your home and is designed for short-haired, high shedding dogs and cats. The sturdy stainless steel blade effectively removes excess hair and reduces shedding. This stylish de-shedding tool is easy to use, has a comfortable, cushioned handle, and grown from naturally grown wild bamboo. The bamboo treatment upon harvest uses high-pressure water and heat instead of pesticides. Suitable for short haired, high shedding dogs.

Recommended for medium to long-haired and high shedding dogs and cats
Size: One Size (S-M)
Length of stainless steel head: 6.7cm
Made from sustainably sourced bamboo and stainless steel
Keep the stainless steel head dry after use
Vegan Friendly

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