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Cement Sheet & Blueboard Green Wall Screws 20pc


High quality class 3 coated screws designed with a relatively wide head to attach your artificial vertical garden panel onto a cement sheet or blueboard wall.

  • Easy to screw (Philips head)
  • Galvanized Coating
  • Cost effective screws

Self Drilling Cement Sheet / Blueboard Screws 20mm

If you need to attach your artificial green wall onto a cement sheet, these screws are perfect. Made with a self drilling head they can be quickly affixed into any such wall. Simply ensure the wide head overlaps with the green wall panel whilst attaching. We would recommend around 1 screw per 25cm section.

Details of the self drilling screws

Overall size: 2cm / 20mm
Pack: Contains 20 pieces

Weight: 20grams approximately.

$43.00 $45.94
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