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Landscape Series Artificial Grass Roll (Synthetic Grass DIY Turf) Green Backing 3m X 1m


Landscape series artificial grass that looks great no matter the space. Quickly and easily enhance your outdoor or indoor space with this super low profile 3m x 1m roll.

  • Easy to lay artificial grass
  • Extremely dense and lifelike in appearance.
  • High-quality UV engineered artificial grass

Artificial Grass Rolls / Synthetic Turf Roll

Artificial grass is the perfect way to instantly beautify your space with a low-maintenance and instant solution. This strong and durable grass is designed for easy DIY application at home anywhere you need a touch of green. Save water, time and hassle with this beautiful artificial grass roll made with intertwined varying shaded synthetic grass blades that look good no matter the season.

Details of the artificial grass roll:

Size: 3m (long roll) x 1m (wide roll)
Material: 28mm Grass, Backing is PP fabric (Green Backing)
Cleaning artificial grass is super easy and can be done with a hose and water.

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