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Artificial Potted Topiary Tree UV Resistant 150cm


Instantly beautify your home or garden with this truly magnificent manicured artificial topiary tree.

  • Elegant Design: Artificial Potted Topiary Tree stands at 150cm tall, perfectly trimmed and shaped to add sophistication and charm to any space.
  • UV Resistant: The tree is made of UV resistant material that ensures it retains its vibrant color and shape even under direct sunlight.

Artificial Outdoor Suitable Potted Topiary Tree 150cm in a Pot

Bring a touch of elegance to your home or office with our Artificial Potted Topiary Tree. Standing at 150cm tall, this tree features a perfectly trimmed and shaped design, adding a sense of sophistication to any space. The UV resistant material ensures that the tree retains its vibrant color and shape even under direct sunlight. The potted design allows for easy placement and adds a natural look to the tree. Low maintenance and easy to clean, this Artificial Potted Topiary Tree is a great addition to any home or office setting.

Details of the faux topiary tree

  • Usage: Outdoor Suitable (UV Resistant Fake Plant)
  • Usage: Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Pot: Approximately 15cm across x 12cm high
  • Weight: 4-5kg
  • Cleaning: recommended to clean with artificial plant cleaner
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