CORTEX 40kg Dumbbell Standard Weight Set 25mm


Experience a massively versatile workout with the Cortex 40kg Standard Cast Iron Dumbbell Set. Dumbbells with adjustable weight handles offer a huge variety of workouts. Use smaller weights to target specific muscles and stack on a heavy load to find huge compound workouts. Adding up to 40kg including the weight of the dumbbell handles, you'll be capable of some big lifts, but with plenty of specificity to find the perfect resistance.

- Cast Iron Weight Plates
- 25mm hole diameter to suit Standard Barbells

Weights Included
- Pair of Dumbbell Handles (Rubber Grips) with 4 Spiral Spin Collars
- 4 x 5kg Cast Iron Weight Plate
- 4 x 2.5kg Cast Iron Weight Plate
- 4 x 1.25kg Cast Iron Weight Plate

$281.00 $299.00
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