CORTEX SPARTAN205 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell (Hard Chrome) with Lockjaw Collars


Our Cortex Strength SPARTAN205 Hard Chrome Olympic Barbell is designed for all types of olympic lifting with a rating of 700lb (317kg). Comes with precise knurl gripping, a standard 2.87cm grip diameter and 4x Needle Bearings per sleeve for great spin and easier to stabilise during lifts. The hard chrome finish adds on excellent durability and corrosion resistance to keep your barbell reliable.

Precise Knurl Gripping
2.87cm Grip Diameter
50mm Sleeve Diameter
Cortex Spartan 205 Olympic Barbell: 8 Needle Bearings (4 per sleeve)
20kg in Weight
7ft (213.36cm) in Length
Hard Chrome finish
Maximum Weight Rating at 700lb (317kg)

$356.00 $379.00
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