CORTEX ZEUS100 7ft 20kg Olympic Competition Barbell with Lockjaw Collars


Built for Competition use, our ZEUS100 Competition Barbell rated at 215k PSI with high grade steel, with a massive 2000lb (900kg) max weight load. Comes with precise knurl gripping, a standard 2.87cm grip diameter and 4x Needle Bearings per sleeve (total of 8) for great spin and easier to stabilise during lifts. The chrome finish provides a strong and reliable look to your gym, home gym or studio. Comes with quick and easy to use Lockjaw Collars.

- Precise Knurl Gripping
- 2.87cm grip diameter
- 50mm Sleeve Diameter
- 8 Needle Bearings (4 per sleeve)
- 20kg in weight
- 7ft (213.36cm) in Length
- Maximum Weight Rating at 2000lb (900kg)

$422.00 $449.00
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