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Artificial Air Plant / Spanish Moss Hanging Vine 120cm

Artificial Air Plant / Spanish Moss Hanging Vine 120cm

Imagine creating a tropical green oasis indoors in a matter of minutes – a truly green space. Now you can – the gentle foliage of our artificial Spanish moss is the perfect addition for a floral arrangement, or to simply hang from a ceiling.

What you need to know
Artificial Hanging Air Plant / Faux Spanish Moss Plan 120cm Long
Made from a high-quality plastic materials, to simulate nature.

Natural color, eco-friendly and hassle-free, a great alternative to real plants and a lovely addition to a home or office décor.

Suitable for indoor use.

Product Details
Total length of the plant is 120cm / 1.2m.
The material of the foliage is plastic.
Easy to maintain, can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Suitable for creating floral arrangements.

Package Content

1 x Artificial Air Plant / Spanish Moss Hanging Vine

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