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Multi Trunk Hawaii Palm 180cm

Multi Trunk Hawaii Palm 180cm

Artificial Hawaii Palm with Multiple Trunk & Long Leaves 180cm
Height - 180cm, Pot measures (20cm high, 25cm across approx)

Our replica Triple Headed Palm tree stands a shade over 180cm tall and comes fitted to medium starter pot as seen in first image. This replica palm tree is very lush, bushy and comes with three husky trunks. The composition of the palm fronds are botanically accurate with deeper darker tones towards the trunk and lighter lusher tones on the tips to replicate new growth. The palm tree does not only very realistic but feels it too.

Our artificial palm trees are premium quality made using top quality silks, plastic to ensure they foliage continues to look lush and healthy for many years.

Where can I use this palm tree?
This artificial Triple Headed Palm tree is a very flexible product that compliments many environments, and designs. Whether you are going for a contemporary or traditional look, this tree can complement both styles with equal measure! Ideal for office environments, conference rooms, swimming pool areas, conservatories....and many more!

You can purchase a UV protection spray to increase life-span outside.

Finishing Touches 
This artificial palm tree comes fitted to a medium starter planter as standard.

Interesting Fact
For thousands of years, people across tropical Asia have used this palm for medicinal purposes, dyes and tanning as well as preservatives.

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