KOMAN 28cm Black Shinewon Two Hands Wok Ceramic Non-stick Titanium Coat + Glass Lid

KOMAN Black Shinewon Non-Stick Ceramic Wok Titanium Coat | Kitchenware | King of Knives Australia

KOMAN Shinewon Two Hands Wok Ceramic Non-stick Titanium 28cm + Glass Lid - Black


Experience cooking like never before with KOMAN Titanium Top Ceramic Coating Two Hands Wok

Coated with Titanium (a mixture of titanium used in aviation, ships, cars). The coating goes beyond its attractive textured look, it gives you the benefits of cooking on hot stone featuring high hardness, superior abrasion resistance and long-lasting Non-Stick performance.

Internal and external 6 layers coating - Reinforced with a strong and robust titanium coating for heavy non-stick black coating, reducing the frictional force of the coating surface for excellent coating and cleaning power. The release of the raw infrared radiation gives the deep flavor of the dish.

And ultra light-weight die-casting aluminium body reduces heat loss, maintaining the original taste and nutrition of food. Compatible with the gas/electric stove (exclude induction).

Furthermore, it has passed a 1000 hours salt water test! Other normal fluoride coatings corrode quickly in salty foods and can't be used for a long time if they're not well managed, but black titanium marble coatings that complement the benefits are available for a longer time.

The KOMAN glass lid is made with heat-strengthened glass with stainless steel and is equipped with Bakelite handle. The special glass lid maximises steam release and prevents overflowing. 28cm size which is Compatible with KOMAN woks.


Product Features:

  • Titanium coating, excellent non-stick performance
  • 6 layers coating system
  • Die-casting premium aluminium body
  • PFOA free
  • Ultra-light in weight


Product Included:

  • 1 x Wok
  • 1 x Glass Lid


Product Specification:

Brand: KOMAN
Item Type: Wok
Colour: Black
Country: Korea
Wok Inner Diameter: 28cm
Height: 8cm
Top Coating: Non-stick titanium
External Coating: ceramic
Material: Aluminium die-casting
Dimension (L x W x H): 35cm x 35cm x 8cm
Weight: 560g
Hobs compatibility: Gas/electric (exclude induction)

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