Bruno Barontini

Bruno Barontini Damascus Steel 8 inch Slicing Knife

Bruno Barontini Damascus Steel 8 Inch Slicing Knife with VG-10 steel blade and black G10 handle | King of Knives e-Store

The blade are extremely sharp are expertly crafted from 67 Layers of VG-10 high carbon stainless steel (HRC 60±2) with a mirror-polished surface. The result is a tough, sharp, resilient, and rust resistant cutting edge. The folding process gives each blade it own unique stunning shell pattern and the design of the knife can make your daily kitchen tasks enjoyable.

Ergonomic black G10 Handle: The handle itself is very attractive but technologically speaking they are suburb. Aside from the ergonomics, the handle material is made from G10. Some of the properties of G10 include that it is extremely high strength over temperature, High dimensional stability over temperature and Humidity resistant. In short, perfect for the kitchen. The ergonomically designed handle makes the knife efficient cutting and is comfortable for a solid grip.

This knife is made of high quality Damascus steel which is made by folding steel over and over again for incredible strength and finally sharpening the blade.

For care you should always hand wash your knives in warm water and dry them immediately afterward. Knives should always be well dried and stored in an area where they do not bump up against other knives. It is also recommended, like all good knives, that you regularly use a honing steel to maintain optimal performance.

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