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As stated on the page of the warranty and repair page, in order for a warranty claim to be made, it must in fact be a manufacturing fault.
in order for a warranty claim to be made, it must in fact be a manufacturing fault. For example, if you get a crack in an item because of a stress fracture that has occurred because something went wrong in the tempering of the steel - that would be considered a manufacturing fault. Generally speaking, when a fault occurs there would be characteristics that the manufacturer would look for to see that it is a genuine warranty claim.
Manufacturers will not replace an item that in their view was not a result of a manufacturing issue but rather caused by damage through inappropriate use or lack of care.
In every case, King of Knives only serves as the conduit.
We are always happy to try and help.
It is also important to note that some of the factories will insist on a receipt being included in the return to determine that the product was in fact purchased in Australia.
The process around the Carrol Boyes warranty claim:

Statement from Carrol Boyes

Warranty Claims

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products. If your item presents with what appears to be a manufacturing fault within the first 24 months, please cake contact with us. You will need to email us the details of the fault, along with photographs and your proof of purchase. Please send your email to info@carrolboys.com.au .

It the fault is due to a manufacturing error, we will gladly replace or repair the item for you free of charge.

We will not refund or replace a product that you have bought and received where, in our reasonable opinion, the product has: become of unacceptable quality due to misuse; failure to use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions; using it in an abnormal way; or failure to take reasonable care.