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Big Chop DERWENT RIVER COLLECTION - Square 340 x 340 x 40

Big Chop DERWENT RIVER COLLECTION - Square 340 x 340 x 40
The Derwent is a river in Tasmania. The river rises in the state's Central Highlands and descends more than 700 metres over 200 kilometres flowing through Hobart, the state's capital city, before emptying into Storm Bay and flowing into the Tasman Sea.

The Derwent collection are made from 5 iconic Tasmanian timbers: Blackwood (pale brown to bark brown), Celery Top (creamy white to pale yellow), Myrtle (rich red brown), Sassafras (olive green with black highlight), and Tasmanian Oak (straw to reddish brown).

Big Chop is proudly Tasmanian. We source premium timber from responsibly harvested Australian species. Our skilled artisans use these woods to handcraft superb chopping boards that harness the natural beauty of the woods Ð no two boards are the same. This square board measures 34 x 34 x 4cm thick and would be ideal for a smaller bench top..

The Derwent collection are made from 5 iconic Tasmanian timbers:

* Blackwood (pale brown to bark brown)
* Celery Top (creamy white to pale yellow)
* Myrtle (rich red brown)
* Sassafras (olive green with black highlight)
* Tasmanian Oak (straw to reddish brown)

Big Chop Boards make a beautiful feature in any kitchen. With the timeless beauty of natural timber and high * quality construction, and if the board is cared for, it is sure to become a future family heirloom.

Big Chop timber chopping boards have natural antibacterial properties and are also recommended by premium knife manufacturers as they are kind to your knife blades. Knives and our boards are best friends.

Like all quality products they need to be maintained in order to get the maximum out of them. Things you should do :

Seasoning and caring for your new Big Chop Board.
The first thing to do with your new Big Chop timber board home is to season it. Do not even use it to cut or chop anything until you season it for the very first time. This is much like seasoning a cast iron pan, but you are applying it to a wooden cutting board. After years of testing various food grade oils that disappointed, we developed our own: Big Chop Timber Board Nurturing Cream. This cream is a recipe of a blend of oils and waxes including lemon oil that conditions the board and leaves a lovely citrus perfume. Wooden cutting boards have their own natural oils and for the most part they are antibacterial. To season a timber board is to add another layer of protection to it. Big Chop Timber Board Nurturing Cream will help to seal the pores of the wood and keep out particles and bacteria as well as help prevent warping. Now apply a coat of the cream, to the board liberally for the first coat massaging in with paper towel. I usually do 3 to 4 coats of seasoning the first time, letting each layer of cream I apply to dry for at least six hours, so overall this can take a day or two, but believe me in the long run you will be glad that you did this. So take your time and apply those coats even if it takes a day or longer.

Maintaining and caring for your Big Chop Board
To clean the big chop: brush of any loose bits. Wipe the surface with a warm soapy dish cloth then wipe off excess moisture. Never put timber boards in a dishwasher or immerse in water. Timber boards are porous and they will absorb water and can split when they dry. If a board is submerged in water by mistake, dry off with a towel as soon as possible. Store boards flat to help prevent warping.

Once a fortnight or when your board looks a little dry apply sparingly Big Chop Timber Nurturing Cream onto the surface with paper towel, massage in, until absorbed and allow to dry. Once every few months sprinkle your board with coarse salt or baking soda. Using a lemon half with the cut side down, scrub the surface, rubbing all the salt or baking soda into the board. Let sit for 5-10 minutes, and then scrape the excess off, give the board a good clean with a wet cloth, leave to completely dry. When the board is totally dry re apply Big Chop Nurturing Cream.

If you wish to get more information or to purchase the cream then click this link to see the cream.
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