MOM'S STEEL Hexagon Stainless Steel Chopping Cutting Board Antibacterial Food Grade


MOM'S STEEL Stainless Steel Chopping Cutting Board Antibacterial Food Grade Hexagon


MOM'S STEEL "Antibacterial + Stainless Steel 304" Cutting Board is made in Korea. It is a top trending quality health and wellness product that is hygienic and lifelong. It provides antibacterial on both sides of surfaces for food preparation and presentation.

This material has 8.7 times improved antibacterial power compared to the existing 304 stainless steel. In terms of its smart sleek outlook, it adds a beautiful design accent in every kitchen, and will no doubt match your kitchen appliances no matter what colour or finish they are.

This board can be used indoors and outdoors, the use of the board will create scratches that with continued use will patina into a work of art. Unlike wood and plastic cutting boards, stain removal from this stainless-steel board is extremely easy, thanks to this mould-free, odour-proof and discolour-proof material.

Not least, this genuine product comes with a mill test certificate that is issued by POSCO, a Korea-leading steel product manufacturer. You can simply view it by scanning the QR code on the bottom right of the product. Not least, it comes with a nice packaging which made it a perfect gift for your beloved friends and family.


Product Features:

  • Made in Korea
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic and long life made
  • Food grade
  • Antibacterial stainless steel 304 material
  • Odour-proof and discolour-proof
  • High-strength and durable structure
  • Obtain POSCO mill test certificate
  • Ideal for food preparation and presentation
  • Use as a chopping board, serving board
  • P.S. Scratches are unavoidable with continued use. Not to worry as its good sanitization properties remain the same.


Product Included:

  • 1 x Cutting Board


Product Specification:

Brand: Mom's Steel
Design: Sleek
Shape: Hexagon
Material: Antibacterial stainless steel 304
Colour: Stainless steel
Weight: 1.29kg
Thickness: 0.178cm
Dimension (L x W): 31.2cm x 35cm

$130.00 $139.00
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