Eva Solo

Eva Solo Dressing Shaker

Eva Solo Dressing Shaker
The Eva Solo dressing shaker allows you to make and serve your dressing, and if any is left after the meal, just close the shaker with the accompanying stopper and place it in the fridge. The stopper ensures that the dressing does not impart flavours to other foods in the refrigerator.

The dressing shakerÕs drip-free pouring spout makes sure the dressing ends up on your salad Ð not on the table.

It is extremely simple to use: pour in the ingredients, shake well, and serve. It can be used for making dressing, but it is also so elegant that it can certainly stand on the table for serving.

The dressing shaker is made of borosilicate glass and withstands hot and cold fluids. It can therefore be used in the microwave Ð just remember to remove the pouring spout. The drip-free pouring lip is made of stainless steel and silicone, while the stopper is only made of silicone.
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