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Flowering Natural Pink Artificial Camellia Tree 180cm

Flowering Natural Pink Artificial Camellia Tree 180cm


A symbol of affection and adoration, this pink artificial flowering camellia tree will invite love into your home. This low-maintenance flowering artificial camellia tree looks incredibly real, from its natural hand-crafted trunk to its lush green leaves to its delicate pinkish flowers. No assembly required – simply bend out the branches to the desired fullness and place in your desired location.

Wherever you are in the world, Camellia trees are known for their subtle yet stunning elegance. With stunning soft pink flowers and vivid green foliage, this Camellia tree will instantly bring you and your space a touch of elegance and colour to any room. If you are looking for a faux plant that will instantly create a sense of sophistication and joyfulness you have found it. Made with RealTex materials and hand-made flowers you simply cannot find a more attractive indoor plant. Each tree has been carefully crafted with pliable branches so you can easily bend the branches to your desired shape: whether that be tall and narrow, or wide and bushy your faux camellia tree will look superb no matter how you shape it.


  • Usage: Indoor Recommended
  • Cleaning: Use artificial plant cleaner
  • Pot Size: approximately 15cm wide / 15cm high
  • Weight: 5-6kg

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1x Flowering natural pink artificial camellia tree

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