PETKIT Deep Sleep Mattress- M


PETKIT Deep Sleep Medium Mattress is a comfortable place for your pet to rest. This high-quality mattress is made from durable polyester materials and features a unique two-layer elastic support plus - memory foam that keeps your pet in their preferred sleeping position for maximum comfort. And if it gets dirty, don't worry - the removable pillow is machine washable, and both the interior and exterior cover pads can be removed and cleaned.
Benefits and Features:

Easy to wash and take out
High-quality materials to provide unmatched comfort
Memory foam assists with sleep and rest
Dimensions: 70 x 55 x 12.5cm

PETKIT Deep Sleep Medium Mattress is your ideal two-layer pet bed that has unique elastic support no other pet bed can give. One side has memory foam while the other side has a soft and comfy texture. Overall the high-quality bed for cats and dogs provides maximum comfort. Has a removable pillow that is machine washable and has an easy to wash pet bed for your utmost convenience.

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