Garden Greens

Garden Greens 72PCE Seedling Trays Lightweight Durable Reusable 24 x 35.5cm


Garden Greens® These seedling trays are ideal for sowing a variety of seedlings prior to planting. The trays have a lightweight, durable construction and are reusable. Enjoy sowing those seedlings and watching them flourish.

Product Features:
Seedling Trays
Qty: 72
Colour: Black
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 24cm x 35.5cm
Sturdy Rims
Ridged Base Encourages Healthy Air Flow
Flexible and Durable
Lightweight and Reusable
Perfect For Sowing Seedlings, Cuttings, Propagating Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables

$150.00 $159.90
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