CORTEX 145kg Tri-Grip Olympic Plate Set 50mm


Smash out arm and core workouts with our 145kg Olympic Plate Set. Our Tri-Grip 50mm weight plates are built for the toughest workouts, with easy handling and heavy-duty rubber to ensure maximum durability. Make your training count with a versatile weight set that includes a barbell, dumbbells, and 60kg of weight plates. The 50mm hole is compatible with any Olympic sized bar sleeve.

Olympic Tri-Grip Plates are encased with in heavy duty rubber and come with inner steel rings. Designed for Gym, Commercial use or Home use

2 x 20kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) = 40kg
4 x 10kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) = 40kg
4 x 5kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) = 20kg
4 x 2.5kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) = 10kg
4 x 1.25kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) = 5kg
1 x CORTEX SPARTAN100 Olympic Barbell 20kg with Lockjaw Collars
2 x CORTEX Olympic Dumbbell Handle with Spring Collars
Weight Plate Set Total of 145kg

$1,409.00 $1,499.00
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