CORTEX 50mm Weightlifting Platform with Dual Density Mats 2M Set


Take your weight lifting to the next level with the ultimate weightlifting platform set. The LP03 CORTEX Weightlifting Platform with Dual Density Mats 2M Set offers a high-density fibreboard platform to keep your footing secure and comfortable whilst performing heavy lifts. The dual density 50mm thick mats support heavy drops throughout high impact lifting sessions with noise reduction and minimal vibrations.

*Please note: Weight and Barbell Set on Image NOT Included

Commercial grade rubber allows fully supported cushioning and shock absorption
The high-density fibreboard allows a smooth surface without the slip
Made from environmentally friendly rubber granules, and the bevelled top edge gives a cleaner look

Designed to withstand repeated and heavy drops, while protecting your weights & floor
3m wide by 2m long
High density rubber tiles (50mm thick) to absorb impact
Reduces noise if weights are dropped
2 piece High density plywood platform (50mm thick) provides great feedback to user
Please note: This set does not come with the frame, platform and mats will not be fixed together

Occupancy Size: 300cm x 200cm (L x W)

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