CORTEX SR3 Squat Rack with 90kg Standard Tri-Grip Weight, Bar and Bench Set


Take your weightlifting journey to a whole new level with the CORTEX SR3 Squat Rack & BN-6 Bench Package + 90kg Standard Tri-Grip Weight Set. Set yourself up with everything you need to complete a comprehensive weightlifting workout including a Standard 6ft Barbell, Curl Bar and Dumbbell Handles. The BN-6 FID Bench and SR3 Squat Racks allows you to unlock more strength training options while getting the right support. With a total of 90kg Standard Tri-Grip Plates this weight set is sure to follow you as you advance.

1x CORTEX SR3 Squat Rack
1x CORTEX BN-6 FID Bench
1x CORTEX Standard 6ft Barbell (25mm)
1x CORTEX Standard Dumbbell Handles (Pairs)
1x Standard Curl Bar
2x CORTEX 10kg Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Plates (Pair)
1x CORTEX 5kg Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Plates (Set of 4)
1x CORTEX 2.5kg Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Plates (Set of 4)
1x CORTEX 1.25kg Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Plates (Set of 4)

$1,503.00 $1,599.00
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