[6-PACK] Lion Japan Pet Beauty Foam Shampoo for Puppies and Kittens 230ml


100% of the washing ingredients is a hypoallergenic rinse in shampoo born from plants.

Formulated with mild skin ingredients born from plants.

While refilling the necessary moisture, it cleans dirt and odors and leaves it fluffy and smooth.

Creamy foam makes it easy to wash around your face and keep it from dripping and getting into your eyes.

It does not require the hassle of whisking and rinsing it quickly, so it is recommended for puppies and kittens who are not used to shampoo.

Not irritating to delicate skin. *Prescription is used.

Weak acidity, no coloring, alcohol free.

A gentle and clean baby soap scent.

Results of skin irritating test (Does not irritate all pets).

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